Want to become a better attorney?
Want to land a job?
Want to learn a new practice area?
Want more practical experience?

No matter which stage you are at in your legal career,
Proboknow empowers you to make a real
difference and become a better attorney.

Want to be a Champion of Justice?
Want to train a less experienced attorney?
Want to find pro
bono opportu-
nities without
leaving your
Want to
make a difference in someone's life?

No matter which stage you are at in your legal career,
Proboknow empowers you to make a real
difference and become a better attorney.



Experience can mean the difference between a call back from a potential employer, and radio silence. It can also pave the way to hanging your own shingle. With Proboknow, you can connect with a mentor, access resources you need, learn new areas of law, and bolster your resume, all while providing pro bono legal services to those who need it most.

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Attorneys transitioning to new practice areas can read and understand black letter law on their own, but to get a job or hang their own shingle in a new area, experience really counts. Just as with new attorneys, Proboknow can help by connecting you with a mentor and pro bono clients in your new practice area.

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Quickly and easily connect with pro bono opportunities directly, or double the impact of your pro bono work by (1) mentoring a less seasoned attorney while (2) helping low-income clients in need. Additionally, by taking on the role of mentor, you can cut down on the grunt work involved in doing pro bono and spend more time doing the most enjoyable part, which is mentoring and practicing law. Finally, you get to be a hero to both the client and mentee, and who doesn’t like being a hero?

Attorney Resources

  • Proboknow doesn't just connect you with pro bono clients and mentors/mentees.
  • We also provide you with other resources to help you become a better attorney.
  • And we have a Rewards Program to reward you for your generous pro bono work.
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  • Want help from another attorney on the platform?
  • Want to get in touch immediately with your mentor/mentee?
  • Have an immediate question for your client?
  • Our messenger feature allows you to do all of this – quickly and simply.

Rewards Program

  • We’re building partnerships with companies and organizations that would like to reward you for the important work you’re doing for the under-served, with free products and discounts.
  • You’ll be able to redeem the points you earn through your involvement on Proboknow for valuable bonuses, like: free/discounted legal software and subscriptions, admission to law-related events and conferences, or continuing legal education resources.
  • Also, gain recognition for your pro bono work by being recognized on the Proboknow leaderboard, featuring the most active attorneys on the platform.
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Legal Question Forum (Coming Soon)

  • Have a legal question about any of your cases (on or off of the platform)? Ask it here, and let other attorneys on Proboknow help you out.
  • When you answer a question in the forum, you earn Rewards Points in exchange for your help.
  • Our forum is way better than email listservs: it’s easy to navigate, the questions and answers in it don’t get lost, and it doesn’t clog your email inbox.
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